10 Step Courses

These 10-step courses are the self-help equivalent of a series of hypnotherapy sessions, covering every related area to the main issue to ensure that change is complete, and fully integrated across all areas of your life.

Each course contains a downloadable PDF workbook written by Hypnosis Downloads co-founder Mark Tyrrell, with a chapter dedicated to each download and how to get the most from it. Each chapter also has a progress indicator chart for you to measure your progress, supporting resources and new perspectives on the topic covered by the download.

Depression Self Help

Depression self help is not a contradiction in terms, but a strategy for recovery. However you are affected by depression, whether you are a sufferer, or a relative, friend or carer of a depressed person, there is much you can do to influence and improve your situation.

Our depression self help hypnosis downloads tackle issues ranging from coming off antidepressants to coping with a depressed relative. And in pride of place is our ground-breaking full depression treatment program.

If you or someone you know is affected by the blight of depression, one of our downloads will make a huge difference.


For building self confidence, hypnosis is an invaluable tool. In hypnosis, you can 'step out' of your everyday way of thinking and feeling, and enter a world where you are just as confident as you want to be. And your unconscious mind will learn from this.

Using hypnosis for self confidence like this means you can lay down a 'blueprint' for how you want to feel and behave in situations that you may previously have found difficult, stressful or anxiety-making.

You'll find the perfect confidence session for you in our library of hypnosis downloads.

Your Valet Awaits

Your journey to become the best version of you starts here.

We have hundreds of inexpensive hypnosis downloads to help you overcome depression, anxiety, stress and all the mental issues which you feel have been holding you back from achieving anything you want to achieve.

Our hypnosis files are created by the experts at Uncommon Knowledge, a specialist psychology training company since 1995 and are proven to work in improving confidence, goal setting, freeing your self from addiction and setting you on a path to happy, confident future in which you are in control.

Imagine being in control, confident, happy and your life going in the direction that YOU want it to go in.

Begin your easy journey now. Select the product in our portfolio which solves your problem and welcome in a new you.


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